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Mr.Jeyaprakash, CEO of our Sri Lankan export company, is the 3rd generation tea trader. His grandfather and his uncle had successful tea export business in Sri Lanka. Mr.Jeyaprakash is a Master Tea Blender and has over 20 years experience in the tea industry. His knowledge and experience is the guarantee for the quality of our services. 

Welcome to Tea Plus Ceylon US

We are Ceylon Tea experts, we can advice you on the best selection of teas to fit your business needs

This is our wholesale site. If you are interested in our retail offering, please visit our retail site at teaplusus.com

We are Ceylon tea experts and can advice you on the best selection of Ceylon tea to fit your business needs.
Ceylon tea can be low-grown, mid-grown, high-grown, and can come from one of the seven tea growing regions of Sri Lanka. It can be a self-drinking tea or be more suitable for blends. It may also come in many different grades.
We work as tandem of two companies – the US based Tea Plus US LLC and the Sri Lanka based Tea Plus Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd. This is US company acts as an importer and distributor in the US, the Sri Lanka company acts as an exporter.

Our Current Ceylon Tea Selection

Black Ceylon Tea Blends

1. Black Ceylon Tea with Ceylon Cinnamon

2. Black Ceylon Tea with Ginger

3. Black Ceylon Tea with Turmeric

4. Black Ceylon Tea with Lemongrass

5. Black Ceylon Tea Earl Grey with Rose Petals

6. Black Ceylon Tea English Brealfast

Green Ceylon Tea Blends

1. Green Ceylon Tea with Almonds

2. Green Ceylon Tea with Jasmine Petals

3. Green Ceylon Tea Oriental

Black Ceylon Tea Single Estate

1. Doteloya Estate – Sabaragamuwa Region

2. Kenilworth Estate – Kandy Region

3. Labookellie Estate – Nuwara Eliya Region

4. New Vithanakande Estate – Sabaragamuwa Region

5. Pedro Estate (Lovers’ Leap) – Nuwara Eliya Region

6. Ceyenta Tea Factory – Ruhana Region

Ceylon Tea

Ceylon tea comes from Sri Lanka which is a large island south of India and a nation of about 22 million people. The name Ceylon was used under the British rule which ended in 1948 and the new name of Sri Lanka was adopted in 1972 when the country became a republic.

Tea growing was started on the island by British after fungal disease wiped out coffee plantations there. The first tea plantation was set up by the Scotsman, James Taylor in 1867 in the Kandy district, in the central part of the island.
Today, Sri Lanka is the 4th largest tea producer in the world, with majority of tea produced there being black tea, and a smaller share of the green tea and some white tea.

New Arrivals

Single Estate Ceylon Black Tea from the Kenilworth Estate

Ceylon Black Tea Kenilworth Estate OP

Ceylon Black Tea Kenilworth Estate Pekoe

Ceylon Black Tea Kenilworth Estate FBOP

More about Ceylon Teas

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